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Woodsong RV Resort Membership Application

We would like to become Woodsong Members.  Please add my email to the newsletter subscription list.  We agree to abide by the rules when we are in the resort.  We understand there is a low $20 annual fee to become a member and that the low fee provides discounted rates, simplified reservations, speedy check-in and seasonal site priority.

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    Woodsong RV Resort Rules

    Woodsong residents value fun, relaxation, family atmosphere, friendly “respect your neighbor” attitudes, safety at all times and controlled access to the resort.  This membership agreement and our rules clearly define our values and the expectations of all members.  They help us maintain our relaxing friendly environment by allowing potential members to determine for themselves if the Woodsong environment will meet their recreational needs.  Gaining your understanding of the Woodsong environment and your commitment to support it when you are here is the primary reason we are a private membership resort.  If you have not looked at the Resort Rules you can see them here.

    If this is the kind of environment you are looking for then please join us.  We know you will absolutely love it here!  We just don’t want anyone to come here expecting lax or no enforcement of these rules.  The Woodsong environment is not for everyone.  We know that.   Those that are here embrace the rules because it creates a pleasant, predictable environment that everyone can feel safe within.  We ask that you look elsewhere if you determine our rules to not be synonymous with your own.

    All our rules are important and they are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all our residents.  However, we want to emphasize one area that we monitor very carefully and have a “two strikes and you are out” policy.

    Our speed limit in the resort is 5 MPH.  Many people think this means “drive slow” but it does not.  It means drive 5 MPH starting at the time you see the mailboxes of the resort.  It is difficult to drive 5 MPH.  It takes concentration and usually one foot on the brake.  But that is what we want.  We want people concentrating on driving in the resort.  What is a few extra minutes of time for any driver compared to injury or death of one of our kids?  This seems like a no-brainer, but it is not.  This is the number one problem we have with our non-member guests.  The 117 seasonal families of Woodsong have voted to support the 5 MPH speed limit and we invite you to join us.

    Rapid Reservation and Check-in is available for all Woodsong Members

    Once you are a member of Woodsong RV Resort you do not have to fill out reservation or check-in forms. For reservations, all we need is your name, reservation dates, and payment method. And, if you would like to pay your reservation in advance of check-in, we will email your site number and access code so when you get to Woodsong you will have gate access and can park without visiting the office.