About Us

Woodsong Resort – The Divine Family

Woodsong is a 42 acre gated RV resort five miles north of Ogilvie, MN.  The resort is bordered by the Ann Lake Wildlife Management Area and Ann Lake is located only 3/4 mile away.  We are situated on a hilltop so flooding is never a problem.  Empire Street deadends at the resort entrance so there is no “drive by” traffic and because we’re gated there is no drive-thru traffic.

The Divine family purchased Woodsong RV Resort in 2014, cleaned the resort, streamlined the operation, and prioritized customer service.  Renamed in 2006 from Hilltop Campground, Woodsong RV Resort strives to bring visitors the very best accommodations, service, friendliness and a family atmosphere.  We’re excited to be here to serve you and our facilities/amenities make us stand apart:

  • Security gate entrance with resident card or code
  • 100% FHU seasonal sites and 19 water/electric nightly sites
  • Huge sites that all have sewer connections
  • Well maintained grounds with tremendous amount of shade trees
  • Beautiful lodge, with heated pool, adult hot tub, & storm shelter
  • Playground & Sports Courts (Basketball, horseshoes, volleyball)

Since 2004, Tex and Rebecca have operated vacation-destination campgrounds, first in Colorado and most recently in Moab, UT.  Excited to bring our experience to Woodsong, the Divine family is ready to welcome you and become your summer hosts!  We invite you to sample our resort lifestyle and consider joining our extended Woodsong Family.

Tex Divine

Bored at Raytheon as a financial analyst in the early 2000’s, I went back to school for my MBA and that’s essentially what started us down this path.  Rather than sit in an office looking outside, my office is the outside and I love it (except when it’s cold and rainy).  If it’s not glamorous, that’s my job.  If it’s heavy, that’s my job.  If it’s dirty, that’s my job.  I do the grunt work and I love it!  It’s completely worth the exhaustion when I join people at their fires on the weekend nights and visit with them.

Rebecca Divine

Rebecca is the key, the linchpin, to making this family work.  Without her tireless dedication to our family we’d fall apart (and starve!).  Raised in California, she thought she’d marry a farmer but ended up with a campground dude.  A former teacher and youth conselor, Rebecca brings tremendous energy to the park and is a calming influence.  She is the most conscientious person I know and is always ready to give a smile.  Also, call her Becca but NEVER Becky.

Quinn Divine

Quinn is 17 years old.  Unless you see Quinn working around the park, you’ll never see him.  He enjoys playing video games and spending time within himself.  Without him, though, the park would be in trouble.  Quinn works at the snack bar, splits wood, mows, trims and assists in a multitude of other jobs.

Bristol Divine

Bristol is 13 years old.  She does a lot of work around Woodsong, but her social calendar complicates scheduling her.  She works most at the snack bar, mowing, trimming, splitting wood and calling Bingo.  Bristol has undertaken (voluntarily) learning how to care for the pool.  She’s dead-on checking chemicals and does quality work.

Edyn Divine

Edyn is 9 years old and bucks the system.  Good luck trying to get her to work.  She is forced to clean bathrooms and vacuum.  She’s forced to dust and tidy up pool furniture.  She’s really put upon.  She has a bit of adventurous spirit to her.  You’ll have better luck containing a ghost than containing Edyn!